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How to choose your real estate service provider?


Have you ever wondered why corporations have a policy, process and procedure when hiring an employee, consultant or a vendor?

I had the privilege of working with many amazing individuals, vendors and for many organizations from various industries throughout my career as a consultant. I have attended many interviews and have had my share of great and awful interviews. I managed to pass enough interviews to pursue further in my career. Each failure had taught me to remain humble, patient and strive to do better. Every opportunity that I was hired, I felt connected with the opportunity and I was able to articulate my related experience to the hiring manager. I felt confident that I would be getting a call with an offer. When I look back, there are clear differences between my failed and successful interviews.

You may wonder, what relevance my failed or successful interviews have to do with hiring the right real estate service provider?  Let me elaborate, the listed diagram below is a recruitment process that an organization follows to hire a consultant or employee. It looks something like this and they happen in this order.

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Recruitment Process

 Figure 1.0  Recruitment Process

  1. Request: A corporation submits a JD(Job Description) to agencies they work with and request for qualified candidates based on the identified requirements.
  2. Recruit: The agencies recruit for qualified candidates based on JD, where each candidate needs to submit their resumes along with rate and answer standard questions while providing references.
  3. Qualify: Submitted application are qualified using a process of elimination based on resume, answer to standard questions, experience, value, rate.
  4. Submit: The agency submit qualified candidate and the corporation makes a decision, which candidate to select for an interview based on the applications submitted.
  5. Quantify: The corporation conducts Interview with selected candidates and quantifies candidate based on fit, trust, body language, connection, and communication through a process of elimination.
  6. Offer: The organization negotiate further and make an offer to the right candidate that meets the requirement, fit with their culture,

Why would organizations do this, you ask? Very simple, by going through a recruitment process, they have a higher probability of hiring the right candidate from a bigger pool of candidates within a short amount of time, without investing any money and commitment. In the meantime, they have negotiated for the right candidate by using the process of elimination while also leaving the options open to continue to negotiate. Every time you attend an interview, the organization also learns what is going on in the marketplace, from the technology being utilized, applications being implemented and what the competition is doing differently from business, marketing, sales,  policies, procedures, and operations.

Why should home buyers care about recruitment process?  How does this help someone looking for homes for sale?

Home Buyers make decisions on multiple service providers from various industries throughout the home buying journey and buying a home begins with finding the right service providers.

When you buy a home you buy the economy.

Home buyers need to hire Mortgage Agent, Real-estate Agent, Real estate Lawyer, Home Inspector and Moving related services.

Expenses and time spent estimate

Figure 2.0   Expenses and time spent estimate

If you are looking to buy a home for 800 K and you are spending minimum an estimate of $32,000 on your service providers.  Would you not want to hire the right services providers from a bigger pool with in a short amount of time, without investing any money and commitment?

You not only want the best service providers to represent you to negotiate better deals and protect your interest. You also want to understand the market based on your situation and negotiate for the right service provider for the right price.

Home Buyers Experience Figure 3.0   Home Buying Experience - Ask Gauge vs Traditional

At AskGauge, We made it simple for you to move in faster to your dream home based on your preference and situation while saving you time and money. We understand, for most first time homebuyers, buying a home is one of the biggest financial investments in their lifetime especially in the Toronto real estate market.

We also understand buying a house can be an emotional decision, however, it is also a major financial decision. There is a lot to consider with regards to potential financial risks and unknowns. With AskGauge, simply submit a request by creating a profile and answering a few questions.  

Our platform will analyze your request while providing you with real-estate insights and connecting you with real estate experts in the area along with their recommendation and quotes for services. We enable home buyers to make faster, smarter and informed decisions.

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